Five biggest mistakes that professionals make

Are you a professional seeking employment? The 5 biggest mistakes that professionals make resulting in longer term UNEMPLOYMENT!! 

Mistake #1

Not understanding how to stack your job search to maximize your ROI.

Fact: only 10% of jobs are filled by respondents to advertisements –online, job boards, newspapers

Fact: Search firms and employment agencies only account for an additional 10% job fill rate

Fact: The best way to find a job is through a combination of networking and through marketing your self. Active job search strategies.

Eighty percent of available jobs are never advertised, and over half of all employees get their jobs through networking, according to BH Careers

Paul Hill, the President of ADV, who has over 25 years as a search expert, believes the 80% not advertised sounds like a pretty high number. The bottom line is most positions are found through networking and marketing.

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Mistake #2

Relying on clicking and sending their resume to job postings.

Fact: Because of the “no cost” on the applicant’s part when using the internet to apply to a position to many non-qualified applicants send in their resume- therefore leaving the initial screening out of necessity to machines- computer software to select the first round of candidates rather than human screening- which may in fact leave you out of the mix- based on Mistake #3

Mistake #3

Not having the RIGHT keywords in your resume

Fact: Not using proven methods to find the RIGHT keywords (and their alternates) and put those keywords which are relevant to your professions in their resume. This leads to a higher chance of being missed as stated above because of a reliance on computers rather than humans to make the first selections.

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Mistake #4

Relying on search firms or employment agencies to find work

Fact: Employment agencies only fill about 10% of all positions that are open

Mistake #5

Writing a cover letter rather that a needs vs. qualifications letter

Fact: An Employer Needs vs. Candidate Qualifications is a powerful way to get noticed and much better than a lousy cover letter. Find out more in the services at

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