About us

The ADV Service Difference . . .

In business for more than two decades, ADV Advanced Technical Services Inc. has developed a reputation as one of North America’s most respected recruitment service providers. Our reputation stems from our commitment and focus on client needs – recruiting and placing top scientists and engineers all over the world. Our team of researchers, recruiters and account executives have an unparalleled understanding of the players in the Pharmaceutical and High Tech industries, giving you unmatched service capabilities.

Why have so many companies benefited from the ADV advantage? Simply stated, we are the best equipped agency to meet your recruiting challenges, and locate the best qualified candidates in the fastest time.

With affiliates in every major North American city and our expertise in direct international recruiting, we have your global needs covered!

We are recognized for our ability to build relationships and partnerships with our clients. We are not interested in filling jobs but in creating and building long term relationships with candidates and client companies.

Are you looking for an exciting new position or are you looking for some great new talent?

We invite you to contact us so that we may better understand your specific needs.


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Phone: 416-502-2545