How to hire people?

How to hire the right people to get a high performing department or a great small business?

Selecting and organizing your team is probably the most important thing you do in business.

To grow you need the right influences. China’s most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist, 551-479 BC, Confucius said:

Never contract friendship with a man that is not better than thyself.” So therefore hire people that are better than you- they will pull you up and you become who you surround yourself with.

If you hire people like you will screw up. People will not last in your department; they will leave and/or copy your stuff and open a business of their own.

Have a clear understanding of your goals

Ask yourself what problem(s) am I trying to solve by hiring a person for this opening?

What does the new superstar have to do to be successful in the position by the 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 2 year stage? What milestones need to be achieved?

Realize you are hiring a human who has goals and dreams- so when interviewing find out what they want within a year or 2 years? Do their goals fit with yours? Is it a good match?

Hire your opposite!

Find people who can do the things you are not good at.

Set your bar at “Only SUPERSTARS will do.”

Average does not cut it. Average is a miss-hire. A mistake will cost you lots of money

no matter what (see here).

Where to find the best

Where to find the best honest, ethical, motivated and driven people? Through people who have these qualities-use referrals from other “A” players you know and trust.

Keep a hit list. Anticipate what positions will need to be filled and when you come across someone that fits your superstar ranking write down their name and contact information. Build a relationship show interest in their career or what they are doing. Fill them in on what you are doing. When the time is right and you need them – strike.

Hire slowly and fire quickly!!

Be quick to recognize your mistake if you make one since it the person you don’t fire who poisons your department or ruins your business.

The Pre-Screening Process
Make them do summersaults to get in!

If you do not have anyone on the horizon for a position you need to create obstacles for your prospects to go over, under, around or through before interviewing them.

You can use sites like Craigslist, and Kijiji and very cost effective and also a great way to draw talent. You can also use a search firm that you screen carefully.

Make sure you have them answer a specific question about themselves- like what the toughest thing you had to overcome in your career? What was it? When did it happen? Who was involved? What was the outcome?

Look for an answer that also includes what they learnt from the experience. Are they whining? Do they take ownership or blame others?

Just by asking the question you will eliminate a bunch of people because many will not bother.

Give specific instructions like send emails only at 9:00AM EST, enter Superstar in the Subject matter, and limit your answer to 500 words. Only consider those who have follow the instructions to a T -eliminate all others –consider that past behaviour is a great indicator of future behaviour so if they do not follow instructions now then they won’t when they are working for you.

The Selection Process
Behavioural Interviewing

Use behavioural interviewing techniques-as just mentioned past behaviour is a great indicator of future behaviour.

Consider when questioning that Superstars are interested in making a powerful impact not working for money-money is a by-product of their success.

Beware of hotshot smooth talking schmoozers- they are usually great at talking however they are usually not great doers and they do not know their limitations.

Beware of under interviewing- take the time 2 interviews minimum.

Hire Drivers!

Set your sights on proactive drivers. Probe to find out if they step up and ask for more responsibility? Do they own things, drive them and get results with no excuses?

If they are working on a project and they need information- do they try once to get an answer from you and then fade away or are they crazy persistent tracking you down no matter what?

Drivers have a sense of results and targets-they take and own projects to completion. They have a sense of personal responsibility they care about the result –they see it as a reflection of their performance and who they are.

They believe how they do something is how they do everything.

They will take ownership for things that go wrong and they share credit with the team when things go right.

Ask the candidates do to do extra homework with a tight deadline. You will see how great their work is under pressure and you will also see others drop off as flies- leaving the cream.

The two most important qualities to look for are passion and drive

Are they literally almost jumping out of their seat? Are they energised when talking about your company or their work during the interview? Do they love their work?

Do they have a proven track record of driving projects to completion?

Get them to describe what they did yesterday from when they got up to when they went to bed, what they ate for breakfast… to what they watched on TV. This will tell you a lot about the person.

Consistent learner

Are they part of trade associations? Do they pay for their own schooling and or training? Do they take initiative to better themselves?

After the hiring

Set up systems

Review your systems after each new hiring. In order to have the best production out of your team you need to systematize the department or business-(read the E-Myth revisited, Michael Gerber)

Get updates daily

Now that you have a superstar team get them to send you an email update everyday.

Ask them to provide 3 things:

-What they did that day

-What problems or challenges surfaced?

-Questions they have for you

This way you will learn much about whom they are; are they curious and want to learn, are they drivers that want results, are they focused and determined.


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