Privacy Policy

Purpose of Collection

As a recruiting agency, we require personal information to facilitate job searches.

Personal information includes names, home address and telephone numbers, job preferences, relocation preferences, current job information and any information included on a resume or curriculum vitae.

Potential employers need to know this information if they are going to consider a person for a job. We collect the information through interviews with candidates (making notes), by electronic email transmission from candidates, by fax transmission from candidates, and through reference checks/letters we do on behalf of potential employers.

How We Obtain Consent

We outline our privacy policy and have our policy posted on our web site. By use of our services and by giving us their personal information during the collection process, consent from candidates is implied.

If a candidate at any time wishes to withdraw from the process he/she may contact our Privacy Officer and withdraw their consent to our use of their personal information. Their personal information will then be destroyed and/or deleted from our database.

How We Limit Use and Disclosure

Only employees of our company have access to the personal information of candidates. We send the information only to potential employers and/or recruiting affiliates and only with the candidate’s consent. We do not post resumes to our web site.

How We Ensure Security

Our network is secured with firewall software and is password protected. Outside regular business hours our private offices are locked and our offices are protected by a security system.

How We Ensure Accuracy

Every time we follow up with a candidate, we confirm that the personal information we have on file is correct. Any candidate whose information changes is encouraged to contact us directly with new information.

Retention / Destruction Timetable

We destroy information when candidates direct us to dispose of their information. Otherwise, we retain information as long as the law requires us to.

Responding to Inquiries and Complaints

ADV has appointed a Privacy Officer to deal with any inquiry or complaint in a timely fashion.

For questions, concerns or complaints, candidates may direct their inquiries to:

Anne-Marie Finn, Privacy Officer
ADV Advanced Technical Services
1037 McNicoll Ave, Suite 200
Toronto, ON   M1W 3W6

To contact ADV:
Phone: 1-800-933-1883 Ext. 227