PR Permanent Residency through employment


Unlike the temporary H-1B and F-1 visas, “Permanent Residence” means what it implies: it does not expire. A quota for new Permanent Resident visas exists, depending on the candidate’s country of origin. For example, China, India, Mexico and the Philippines each has its own special quota due to high volume of immigrants from these countries. Other countries’ quotas have not been approached or exceeded in the recent past.

A company petitions the USCIS to grant Permanent Resident status to their employee or prospective employee. The company must demonstrate to the USCIS that it has made a good-faith effort to hire a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident before a new Visa will be granted. This causes a delay in getting Permanent Residence that can last one or more years.

For further information on Permanent Residence, please visit the USCIS web site.


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